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9 tips for a better work-life balance and more equilibrium in everyday working life

Everyone wants it, but only a few actually manage to achieve it: The much-vaunted work-life balance. Especially with the increase in home office

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Leading hybrid teams - 8 tips

The future of work is hybrid. The advantages for employees and companies are obvious: high flexibility for employees

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Successful hybrid working from an employee perspective

5 golden rules on how to work successfully as a hybrid - The following tips will help you as an employee to achieve a regulated, hybrid working day.

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The future of work is hybrid

Half home half office, the future of work is hybrid. Covid-19 has fueled a process that has been underway for a long time.

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Empowerment, superpower for employees!

Empowerment = (self-empowerment). Everyone talks about it, but how does it really work? Through empowerment, employees are actively involved in projects and

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Time management: fake work, shallow work & deep work

How to reduce unnecessary fake & shallow work in your daily work routine to make more room for real deep work phases.

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Virtual teams - how to manage them successfully

Working in virtual teams is in tune with the times - more than ever! Even companies that are slowly adapting to the

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New Normal - Digital change and mindful leadership

Leadership and remote working are in full swing. This requires more agility, flexibility, but also mindfulness for employees

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