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Magazine home office or back to the office, woman sitting on the floor with laptop on her legs, working and white, cute customer lying next to her

Working from home or back in the office? Current trends and developments at a glance

The question of whether working from home was a temporary solution or a permanent change is on many people's minds. While some companies are considering a return

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Magazine conducting staff appraisals, two drawn men with ties, one speaks through a megaphone, the other listens

Conducting appraisal interviews: How do you define your role as a first-class manager?

Leading the way to success with employee appraisals: the art of giving valuable feedback and mastering conflict discussions as a manager is essential

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Magazine The first 100 days as a manager, white letters on a light blue background

The first 100 days as a manager: an outdated concept or more relevant than ever?

In the historical development of the concept of "The first 100 days as a manager", certain tasks and expectations of new managers have evolved.

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Webinar Cover for webinar recording: Perspectives in change management, Stage Academy logo, photo Stephan, background in taupe

Webinar recording: Perspectives in change management

In this webinar, we offer you valuable content to help you successfully master the transition to your new role. Being a manager

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Magazine Situational leadership style, orange background, notepad, black glasses, green calculator, pencil, Stage Academy magazine article

When is a situational management style worthwhile?

The model of a situational leadership style was developed back in the 1970s by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey. They differentiated between

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News Stage Aktuell 02/2023, Topics of the Stage Business World

Stage News 01/2024

Stage Aktuell 01/2024 focuses entirely on a topic that is not only important in the business world, but also for our customers.

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Magazine Reduce Stress, Be Calm. Cartoon Man Meditate in Office. Stress Relief Vector Illustration. Reduce, Stage Academy

Reduce stress through a conscious mindset

When the workload increases, it is easy to lose sight of your own physical and mental health. To reduce stress,

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Magazine Online coaching, business woman with glasses, smiling, sitting in front of open laptop, seems to be watching and listening, bright window front

Online coaching for managers

Taking on tasks as a manager never means having reached the end of your personal and professional development. Everyday management and

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Magazine new leadership magazine article Stage Academy, blue sky with white clouds, a group of people holding hands, lettering:Togehter, we create

New leadership - empowering and constructively guiding employees

The fast-paced world, characterized by digital transformation, the use of artificial intelligence and changing work structures, presents managers and companies with

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Webinar Cover for webinar recording: New in a leadership role, image with woman and company logo Stage Academy, background color red

Webinar recording: New in a leadership role

In this webinar, we offer you valuable content to help you successfully master the transition to your new role. Being a manager

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Magazine Present effectively Magazine article

Present effectively: Why it's so important and what it comes down to

We may all remember them from school, university or a business workshop: long-winded presentations without any moments of excitement, with

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Magazine Team building and team development Stage Academy magazine article

Team development and team building: the key to the success of your projects

Just as the engine in your vehicle largely determines its performance and speed, the success of your projects depends on

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