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You, your topic and us: Online business coaching for your success

With Business Coaching Online, we offer you intensive 1:1 interaction with an experienced business coach. In these one-to-one sessions, the focus is on your individual professional or private issue. It doesn't matter whether it's about communication problems in a team, challenges with your own motivation or the search for the next meaningful career step - we are open to all topics that concern you and that you would like to improve.

In online business coaching, we reflect on your situation and work with you to develop suitable solutions that are specifically tailored to your issue. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to overcome your personal challenges or problems and achieve long-term success. With us, it's all about you and your goals, and we are determined to accompany you on your path to success.

Unleash your potential and achieve professional success

Our business coaches bring extensive experience and expertise to support you in developing and achieving your goals. They use targeted questions, reflection techniques and proven coaching methods to help you gain clarity and discover new perspectives. They also act as a trusted sparring partner, giving you valuable feedback and constructive suggestions.

Business Coaching Online gives you the opportunity to take an in-depth look at your individual strengths, weaknesses, values and goals. You will learn to understand yourself better and to drive forward your personal and professional development in a targeted manner. We support you in realizing your full potential and developing into a self-confident and successful person in your professional environment.

Business Coaching Online also offers you the opportunity to work on your interpersonal skills. You will learn how to communicate effectively, strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts constructively. These skills are crucial for successful collaboration with colleagues, employees and other stakeholders.

With our online business coaching, we stand by your side and accompany you on the path to success. We support you in achieving your goals, developing yourself further and excelling in your professional environment. Rely on our experience, expertise and passion for coaching to get the best out of you and create a fulfilling and successful career.

For whom is Business Coaching Online useful?

A change of perspective, increased competence or simply more self-confidence - Business Coaching Online supports you on your way to a fulfilled life.

You can master the following challenges in collaboration with your business coach:

You are intensely preoccupied with a topic that won't let you go

Together with our experienced coach, you will analyze the background to your issue. You will be given the opportunity to delve deeper into the causes and better understand the connections. You will then develop solutions together with the coach and receive the support you need to successfully overcome this issue and drive your personal development forward.


You feel the need for a reorientation or change

We support you in defining your goals, overcoming obstacles and developing a clear strategy for your personal and professional development.

You are looking for the next step in your career and want to get ahead

Our experienced coaches are on hand to help you define your professional goals and identify your individual strengths. Together, you will develop strategies to drive your career forward and be successful. Thanks to their expertise and support, you will be able to make the most of your potential and actively shape your professional development.

You want to let go of something or feel the need to express yourself

We will support you to gain clarity about your situation and address unresolved issues. Together, we will work on freeing you from burdensome issues and setting a new focus for your professional development. With a breath of fresh air and a clear direction, you can break new ground and move forward successfully.

You want to tackle employee or management issues

Our coaches will help you to analyze and understand these issues. Together, you can adopt new perspectives and develop concrete measures to be successful both in your role as a manager and in your dealings with employees.

Dealing with difficulties and setbacks

Our coaches are at your side and support you in strengthening your resilience. Together, you will develop new coping strategies to deal with setbacks in a positive way and remain successful in the long term.


You are looking for unexpected change 

Our coaches actively support you in overcoming the challenges of change. Together you will find new perspectives that allow you to look at the situation from different angles.


You have received feedback or would like to give feedback

Our coaches will help you reflect on the feedback you receive and use it as a valuable source of personal growth. Together, you will identify your strengths and development potential in order to introduce targeted measures for further development.

Online business coaching is the ideal solution for people who are dealing with important or difficult issues and would like to obtain the advice and opinion of an expert.

Whether it's about professional challenges, decision-making or personal growth, our online coaching allows you to receive individual support and advice flexibly and conveniently from anywhere. Our experienced coaches are at your side to discuss your concerns, open up new perspectives and develop concrete solutions together.

Our business coaching at a glance

Target group

Our coaching is aimed at anyone who has a topic they want to talk about and would like to be coached professionally.

  • Managers
  • Self-employed
  • Career starters
  • Employees
  • Graduates
  • Students
  • Jobseekers


339,15 € incl. VAT


MS Teams / 90 minutes

1. inventory analysis

The first thing we do is listen to you!
You tell your business coach which topic you would like business coaching for.

2. target definition

Together with your coach, you determine what result you want to achieve in the 90 minutes.

3. input and exchange

In the next part, you will discuss the respective topic with your coach. He or she will listen to you actively and empathetically, give you feedback and, depending on the topic, lots of practical tips.

4. target agreement and instructions for action

Finally, you and your business coach plan the next steps you will take to get closer to your goal (longer-term topic). If you are dealing with a short-term challenge, you and your coach agree on a common goal.

Methods of our coaching

Our remote business coaching is a 1-on-1 session of 90 minutes that takes place via MS Teams or Zoom. This offers you the advantage of being able to participate at any time and from any location and adapt the Business Coaching Online to your life circumstances.

For our coaching sessions, we use a proven combination of theoretical input and practical tips for direct application in your everyday life.

Our business coaches have many years of experience, in-depth training and attach particular importance to individual interaction with you. This allows us to support you efficiently and reliably from the definition to the successful implementation of your personal goals.

What you learn in business coaching

The learning content of our Business Coaching Online covers a variety of relevant topics aimed at improving your professional development and performance. In coaching, we have the opportunity to deal with the following topics, among others:

Career development and professional goals: Identifying long-term goals, creating a career plan, fostering professional growth and developing strategies to achieve your goals.

Strategic thinking and problem solving: Development of analytical skills, strategic thinking and the ability to analyze complex problems and find appropriate solutions.

Communication and interpersonal skills: Improving verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, building positive relationships and working effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.

Self-reflection and self-leadership: developing a strong sense of self-awareness, identifying and utilizing your strengths, exploring your values and being able to lead yourself effectively.

Increasing resilience and letting go of stressful issues: Developing the skills to strengthen your resilience and let go of stressful issues to improve your mental strength and well-being.

Letting go - you learn methods to let go of stressful issues

Change management: dealing with change in the organization, communicating change, supporting employees during change processes and effectively implementing change.

Time management and productivity: Effective planning and organization of your time, prioritizing tasks, dealing with interruptions and increasing productivity.

The main aim of business coaching sessions is to discuss your current concerns in person with your coach and work together to find solutions to your issues, problems or challenges and implement them successfully. Online business coaching gives you the wonderful opportunity to address all relevant points in a professional and confidential atmosphere and to gather valuable ideas for your next steps.

Do you want to achieve not just short-term success, but long-term job satisfaction and actively deal with change? Or would you like to learn how to give your employees appreciative feedback? With online business coaching, you can take control of your life and career and achieve everything you set out to do under your own steam.

Why business coaching at Stage Academy?

There are many good reasons why you should opt for business coaching at Stage Academy - for example:

Maximum flexibility through location-independent online sessions

Close personal collaboration with your coach

Flexibility and adaptation to your needs and goals

Professional coaches with many years of experience and sound training

Tips and best practices that will benefit you for a lifetime

You decide on the coach of your choice

Your success is our conviction!

As a motivated team at Stage Academy, we pursue a common approach in which we want to guarantee you business coaching at the highest level. We place particular emphasis on individual cooperation and work with you to find the right coach for your personal topic.

Thanks to our in-depth experience in digital business coaching, we offer you a protected and beneficial environment in which we can provide you with the right mindset. Our aim is to give you an all-round view and a change of perspective so that you can look at your topic from different angles and act in a solution-oriented way.

Let our coaching inspire you! We will be happy to assist you and look forward to supporting you.

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Alexander of Courts
Founder / Managing Director - HEED! Eventlogistics

"The digital offer from Stage Academy creates completely new possibilities. We can now make appointments more or less spontaneously and, above all, without much effort and discuss very specific topics where the shoe really pinches us. Both individually and as a team. This has already proven successful for us several times and I can only recommend Arne and his team.