Agile working

Never again immobile: successfully shaping work flexibly

Agile working

Our agile working coaching supports managers in establishing or further developing agile thinking and action in their organization. Our experienced coaches will teach you the methods of agile working and help you to adapt them to your team and your individual needs.

The world of work is subject to constant change, which causes uncertainty for many. In order to remain capable of acting in this dynamic environment, it is crucial to align our structures in an agile way. How can we ensure that we can react quickly enough and implement changes successfully?

With a personal coach at your side, you can focus on your current challenges in a protected environment. Together you will identify obstacles and develop concrete solutions. You will receive regular and honest feedback from your coach so that you can continuously work on your personal development.

Our coaching focuses on strengthening your leadership skills in an agile environment. You will learn how to react flexibly to change, motivate teams and enable them to work together. We teach you tried-and-tested techniques to overcome obstacles and bring about sustainable change.

Regardless of whether you already have some experience with agile methods or would like to familiarize yourself with them, our coaching is aimed at managers at all levels. Together, we create a working environment in which you and your team can act agilely and successfully in order to meet the challenges of the changing world of work.

Who is our Agile Working coaching suitable for?

We recommend coaching to all managers and board members, teams and departments of all types and sizes from all industries who want to continue to be effective and successful in a complex world and want to work on the following points:

Abolition of silo thinking in the company

Eliminating uncertainties in the new world of work

Developing strategies against a lack of speed

Bringing more efficiency to work processes

Gaining confidence in the new role

Have the successful roll-out clearly in sight

Knowing challenges & opportunities & being able to respond appropriately

Keep motivation high despite uncertainty

Strengthening the personal responsibility of employees

Respond more flexibly to new requirements

Reflection on your own leadership personality in an agile context

Integration of agile methods into everyday working life

All managers and employees with leadership responsibility who want to become fit for the requirements of agile teams benefit from coaching on agile working. They are provided with basic tools for topics such as responsiveness, communication, moderation of conflict situations and productivity.

Our agile working coaching at a glance

Target group

Our coaching is aimed at all managers at management level who want to get to know and understand agile methods and put them into practice.


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you on request

Methods of our coaching

Our coaching on agile working is right on the pulse of the times and shows you ways and means of successfully implementing agile working methods. You will work intensively with your coach, who will not only impart theoretical knowledge but also provide you with practical tips for immediate implementation.

What you will learn in our agile working coaching

The topics of the coaching on agile working are specially tailored to your day-to-day management work. You will benefit from the following learning content:

Agile principles and values - An introduction to the basic principles and values of agile working.

Scrum framework: A deeper look at the Scrum framework, including the different roles and events.

Structures - What do I need for independent thinking & working?

Rules - What rules must apply to the new collaboration?

Agile working methods - Which specific methods will help me to implement them?

Speed - how can we react quickly enough to change?

Personal responsibility - how can employees take on more responsibility?

Flexibility - how do we do away with silo thinking?

During the coaching on agile working, you will gain an initial in-depth insight into the various methods of agile working (including Scrum) and can already transfer your knowledge to your organization and apply it specifically in individual projects.

You will develop an understanding and a positive attitude towards agile and cross-functional work. The aim is to never be immobile again and to successfully shape your own work flexibly in order to be able to deal with future changes professionally and confidently.

Free advice on your individual topics

What are the benefits of agile working coaching at Stage Academy?

There are at least five good answers to this question:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Close collaboration between you and your coach

The coaching is tailored to your needs

Trainers and coaches with many years of experience and in-depth training will support you with their extensive expert knowledge.

Valuable tips that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Agile working - working together for success

Do you have the feeling that you are no longer at the cutting edge or are you still missing that decisive impulse that will put you a whole nose ahead of the competition?

Then coaching at the Stage Academy is the way to achieve your goal. Our coaches are experts in their field and take a lot of time for a close and intensive exchange with you and your team.

Thanks to an insightful change of perspective, you benefit from a solution-oriented approach.

Let's master the challenges of agile working environments together.


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    How can coaching on agile working help to increase the efficiency and productivity of your team?

    Coaching on agile working can increase the efficiency and productivity of your team in various ways. It helps you to understand and apply the principles and methods of agile working methods. Through targeted training and individual coaching, team members are empowered to act independently, communicate effectively and adapt flexibly to change. Coaching also promotes collaboration and teamwork, improves processes and contributes to continuous improvement. As the team develops an agile mindset and practices, efficiency and productivity are increased as the team can adapt more quickly and achieve results more effectively.

    What methods and techniques can be taught in coaching for agile working to improve collaboration and communication within the team?

    In coaching for agile working, various methods and techniques can be taught to improve collaboration and communication within the team. These include regular stand-up meetings in which team members share their progress and challenges, as well as agile planning techniques such as Kanban or Scrum. Furthermore, concepts such as retrospective meetings are introduced to enable continuous improvement. Promoting transparent and open communication, constructive feedback and effective decision-making processes are also important aspects of coaching. These methods and techniques enable teams to optimize their collaboration and increase their effectiveness.

    How can you as a manager learn to react flexibly to change and promote a positive work culture through coaching for agile working?

    In coaching for agile working, you as a manager learn to react flexibly to change and promote a positive work culture. You will receive support in adapting your mindset and adapting to continuous change. You will learn to promote open communication in which ideas and opinions can be exchanged. You will also be taught techniques to empower employees to act independently and make decisions. Coaching helps you to build trust, see mistakes as learning opportunities and create an environment in which innovation and creativity are encouraged.

    How can obstacles and resistance be identified and overcome in coaching for agile working in order to enable a successful transition to an agile way of working?

    In agile working coaching, obstacles and resistance are identified and overcome to enable a successful transition to an agile way of working. You will learn to recognize possible barriers such as a lack of acceptance, uncertainty or fear of change and to tackle them in a targeted manner. Together with the coach, you will develop strategies and solutions to overcome these obstacles. Communication techniques are taught in order to strengthen the understanding and motivation of everyone involved. Agile principles and methods are also used to support a smooth transition and promote the success of agile working.