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Media coaching is specialized coaching that prepares you to communicate successfully with the media and enables you to improve your communication skills. In interviews, press conferences or other media appearances, you will be able to appear confident and get your message across clearly and convincingly.

Media coaching covers various aspects, including developing a clear and compelling message, mastering non-verbal communication and understanding the media landscape and dynamics. You will also learn techniques to successfully handle interviews and other media situations and how to deal with difficult questions.

Strengthen your digital communication and presence for professional media appearances

Our media coaching in online format enables you to develop your digital communication skills in a targeted manner and strengthen your presence in virtual media appearances. You will receive practical exercises, individual feedback and learn how to remain calm in stressful situations to ensure that you can present yourself professionally in the media, regardless of live interviews, webinars or other digital formats.

Media coaching is particularly relevant for executives, company or organization spokespersons, experts, politicians and celebrities who interact with the media professionally or in a publicity-effective manner. It also offers support to people who need to be present in the media in certain situations such as crises or PR campaigns.

The aim of media coaching is to give you the tools and confidence to communicate effectively and persuasively with the media. Through targeted coaching, you can convey your messages clearly and precisely, achieve the desired results and protect your reputation. Media coaching is therefore a valuable tool for professionalizing your dealings with the media and building a positive media presence.

Who is our media coaching suitable for?

Media coaching can help you to better master a variety of challenges in dealing with the media. Here are a few examples:

Dealing with difficult questions

Media coaching helps you to prepare for unpleasant or challenging questions and to develop strategies for responding confidently and professionally.

Building a clear message

Coaching helps you to develop a clear and concise message that you want to convey in the media.

Non-verbal communication

Media coaching makes it possible to improve non-verbal communication, such as body language, gestures and facial expressions, in order to achieve a convincing and positive effect on the audience.

Dealing with stage fright and stress

Coaching helps you to deal with stage fright and stress and to remain calm and focused in stressful situations.


Media coaching teaches you how to use stories and anecdotes to convey complex issues in a clear and understandable way.

Understanding the media landscape

The coaching provides a better understanding of the media landscape, its working methods and expectations in order to interact effectively with journalists and media representatives.

Crisis communication

Media coaching prepares you for dealing with crises or unexpected events and teaches you techniques for reacting professionally in such situations.

Optimize media appearances

Through coaching, you can improve your skills in interviews, press conferences or other media appearances in a targeted manner and thus build up a positive presence in the media.

Media coaching enables you to tackle these challenges and strengthen your own skills in dealing with the media in order to communicate successfully and convincingly.

Our media coaching at a glance

Target group

The target group for media coaching can be very diverse. Here are some examples of potential target groups:

  • Managers
  • Company spokesman
  • Politicians
  • Well-known personalities & celebrities
  • Experts
  • Founders and start-ups


339,15 € incl. VAT


MS Teams / 90 minutes

1. inventory analysis

The first thing we do is listen to you! You tell your business coach what topic you would like the business coaching to cover.

2. target definition

Together with your coach, you determine what result you want to achieve in the 90 minutes.

3. input and exchange

In the next part, you will discuss the respective topic with your coach. He or she will listen to you actively and empathetically, give you feedback and, depending on the topic, lots of practical tips.

4. target agreement and instructions for action

Finally, you and your business coach plan the next steps you will take to get closer to your goal (longer-term topic). If you are dealing with a short-term challenge, you and your coach agree on a common goal.

Methods of our coaching

Our media coaching offers a proven mix of theoretical knowledge, practical tips and active implementation. Our qualified coaches attach great importance to personal interaction with you in order to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your personal issues.

It is important to note that media coaching is customized to your specific needs and requirements. Everyone has different goals and challenges in dealing with the media, our media coaching can be tailored to achieve the best possible results.

What you learn in media coaching

Our professional media coaching is individually tailored to your questions and requirements in day-to-day management. It can include a variety of learning content aimed at strengthening your skills and self-confidence in dealing with the media. Here are some common learning contents of media coaching:

Interview techniques: Media coaching teaches basic techniques for successful interviews, including the art of listening, answering questions in a targeted manner and avoiding pitfalls.

Body language and voice: Participants learn to consciously use their body language, gesticulation and voice to show a positive and convincing presence in front of the camera or during public appearances.

Developing messages: Coaching helps to develop clear and concise messages and to communicate them effectively in different situations.

Crisis communication: Media coaching often includes crisis communication exercises to teach participants how to react calmly and professionally in difficult or unexpected situations.

Dealing with difficult questions: Participants learn strategies for responding appropriately to unpleasant or challenging questions without losing control or becoming defensive.

Understanding the media landscape: The coaching offers an insight into the media landscape, the various media formats and channels as well as the expectations and interests of journalists.

Practical exercises: Media coaching sessions often include practical exercises where participants simulate interviews and receive direct feedback from trainers and other participants to continuously improve their skills.

Self-reflection and self-management: Coaching encourages participants to reflect on themselves, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and learn techniques for self-regulation and stress management.

The main aim of our media coaching is to enable a personal and individual approach to your current concerns. Together we will find solutions for your topics, problems or challenges and implement them successfully.

Through our professional media coaching, we create an atmosphere of trust in which you can address all relevant points in a targeted manner and receive valuable input for your further course of action.

Why media coaching at Stage Academy?

There are many good reasons why you should opt for media coaching at Stage Academy - these include, for example:

Maximum flexibility through location-independent online sessions

Close personal collaboration with your coach

Flexibility and adaptation to your needs and goals

Professional coaches with many years of experience and sound training

Tips and best practices that will benefit you for a lifetime

You decide on the coach of your choice

On the road to success together

At Stage Academy, we offer media coaching that prepares you for media appearances in the best possible way. With our experienced coaches, a protected space for individual growth and intensive exchange, we create an inspiring learning environment. Our coaches are experts in their fields and support you in reaching your full potential.

We attach great importance to a pleasant atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and safe in order to develop your individual strengths. We focus on your needs and develop customized coaching content to help you achieve your personal goals. Together we will strengthen your media skills, improve your self-confidence and enable you to communicate your messages successfully. The road to success starts at Stage Academy!

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"The digital offer from Stage Academy creates completely new possibilities. We can now make appointments more or less spontaneously and, above all, without much effort and discuss very specific topics where the shoe really pinches us. Both individually and as a team. This has already proven successful for us several times and I can only recommend Arne and his team.