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A strong team is the key to long-term success, especially in companies that thrive on their team spirit. Good cooperation and a high level of motivation are crucial to achieving common goals. A sense of unity enables top performance and empowers the team to overcome challenges together and tackle problems in a solution-oriented manner, even in difficult times.

Our holistic approach to team building and team development aims to help team members get to know, understand and respect each other better. Individual wishes and expectations are worked out through active participation. Afterwards, common rules are established that offer every team member a pleasant working environment.

The coaching promotes correct and transparent communication between the teams and strengthens their ability to develop their own methods for future collaboration. Team members learn to give and accept feedback in a constructive manner. Conflict resolution strategies are developed to strengthen team cohesion.

Our experienced coaches will guide you and your team to grow closer together and achieve the best possible results. They promote mutual trust, which leads to a positive team dynamic. Our experts support your team in taking on challenges and overcoming them successfully.

Team development is an ongoing process that enables your team to continuously improve and grow together. A strong and well-functioning team can respond effectively to change, be creative and innovative. Our team building & team development coaching creates a sustainable foundation for your success. It enables you to develop the potential of each individual in the team and achieve long-term goals.

Who is team building & team development suitable for?

Our team building provides assistance, tips and best practices for overcoming the following challenges in a team:

Communication problems

Difficulties in team communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Lack of cooperation

A team that does not work well together can be inefficient and unproductive.

Conflicts and differences of opinion

Conflicts can disrupt team dynamics and impair performance.

Lack of clear goals

Teams without clear goals can appear aimless and demotivated.

Unclear roles and responsibilities

Unclear roles can lead to confusion and duplication of work.

Low motivation

A team that is not sufficiently motivated can impair productivity.

Resistance to change

Teams that reject change can fall into stagnant working patterns.

Lack of trust

Effective collaboration is hardly possible without trust among team members.

Low creativity and innovation

Teams that are in a creative slump may find it difficult to come up with innovative solutions.

Lack of focus on what we have in common

Team members who put their individual goals above the common good can tear the team apart.

Insufficient feedback culture

A lack of constructive feedback can affect individual development and team performance.

Difficulties in the decision-making process

Teams that have problems with decision-making processes could come to a standstill during implementation.

By targeting these or your own personal challenges, teams can improve their performance, work together more effectively and achieve long-term success. The Stage Academy offers specific programs and activities tailored to the individual needs and goals of each team.

Our team building and team development at a glance

Target group

Our team development coaching is aimed at managers, team members and companies in general who want to improve and strengthen cooperation within a team, who are interested in improving team dynamics, increasing the effectiveness of cooperation and creating a positive work culture that enables long-term success.


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you and your team on request

Methods of our coaching

We offer you and your team coaching that we can conduct digitally or on site. The duration of the team building session depends entirely on your needs.
In our team building sessions, you and your team can expect a tried-and-tested combination of theoretical input, helpful tips and practical exercises. Our coaches are all highly qualified and place particular emphasis on individual interaction with you and your team members. As a result, we offer efficient team building that is individually tailored to the current needs of the entire team.

What you learn in team building & team development

Our professional workshops are specially tailored to collaboration between colleagues and offer you and your team the following learning content, among other things:

Improve communication: Learn effective communication techniques to minimize misunderstandings and strengthen team communication.

Understanding team roles and dynamics: Getting to know the different roles in the team and understanding how they contribute to team dynamics.

Building trust: Developing strategies to create trust and a sense of togetherness within the team.

Conflict management: learning conflict resolution strategies to manage conflicts constructively and promote team harmony.

Goal setting and goal clarity: Define common goals and ensure that all team members understand and agree to them.

Creativity and innovation: Promoting creative thinking and innovative approaches to generate new ideas and solutions.

Efficient collaboration: Developing methods to increase team efficiency in order to manage joint projects and tasks effectively.

Self-reflection and personal growth: getting to know yourself better, recognizing strengths and areas for development and promoting individual growth.

Team culture and values: Develop a positive team culture and define shared values and behavioral norms.

Appreciation and recognition: Emphasize the importance of recognition and appreciation in the team and find ways to show it.

Make team decisions: Develop methods for joint decision-making to ensure broad acceptance and support for decisions made.

Team feedback: Giving and receiving regular feedback to improve team performance and take advantage of individual development opportunities.

A strong team is the key to success! That's why the main aim of our team development workshop is to bring you and your team closer together and create the necessary trust. In cooperation with the coach, you will get the best out of your team and optimize the performance of each individual. You will get to know each other from new perspectives and clear up any misunderstandings. With the help of the newly defined roles and rules in the team, you will experience a new way of working with colleagues in the future. Never again without your team!

5 good reasons for team building coaching at Stage Academy

Are you wondering why you should opt for team building coaching at Stage Academy? Then we can give you at least 5 advantages that you and your team will benefit from with us:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Close personal cooperation between the team and the coach

Flexibility and adaptation to your needs and goals

Professional coaches & trainers with many years of experience and sound training

Tips and best practices that will benefit you for a lifetime

Our conviction lies in your team's success

The success of our course participants is important to us. That's why we want to offer you and your team a team development workshop that will make you a strong and successful team and enable you to achieve your common goals in the long term. We place particular emphasis on personal cooperation between the coach and the team members. It is important to us to adapt the coaching individually to the wishes and needs of your team. This allows the defined coaching topic to be viewed from all sides and from different perspectives. We always take a solution-oriented approach and give you and your team constructive feedback. You will receive valuable tips from us that you need for successful teamwork.

‍Togetherwe awaken the team spirit!

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