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Presentation training Munich Stage Academy

For whom is presentation training useful?

Presenting, whether in front of customers, in a team or in front of a large audience, poses a number of challenges that need to be overcome. If you are facing one or more of the following challenges, our presentation training is just right for you.

Increase self-confidence

Develop the ability to speak calmly and confidently in front of an audience.

Increase persuasiveness

Learn how to convince and inspire the audience.

Structured presentations

Learn methods to structure presentations logically and clearly.

Effective body language

Use the right body language to reinforce the message.

Dealing with stage fright

Techniques for overcoming nervousness and fear of public speaking.

Clarity in communication

Communicating complex content in a simple and understandable way.

Individual feedback

Personal feedback and tips for improving presentation techniques.

Time management

The ability to give presentations within the allotted time.

Involve the public

Interactive methods to actively involve and motivate the audience.

These challenges can be successfully overcome with targeted training and practice. By developing your presentation skills, self-confidence and a clear structure, you can give confident presentations and convince your audience. A well-prepared and convincing appearance will help to ensure that your presentations are successful and effective.

Our presentation coaching at a glance

Target group

Our presentation training is aimed at anyone who wants to speak in front of an audience or is about to give a virtual, digital or physical presentation.

  • Managers
  • Career starters
  • Moderators
  • Pupils
  • Students


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence

Methods of our training

The presentation training can take place digitally or on site. The duration of the training depends on your needs, usually one or two days.

In our coaching you can expect a proven combination of various practical exercises. These exercises will help you to develop your skills and apply them in practice. You will also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in an informative exchange with our coaches and benefit from their experience.

Our coaches attach particular importance to sharing their expertise with you and look forward to an individual exchange to address your current needs and challenges.

Presentation training - what you can learn

The learning objectives of our presentation training at Stage Academy are varied and designed to optimally strengthen the participants' presentation skills. Here are some of the main objectives of the training:

The basics of rhetoric

Theoretical and practical basics of oratory.

Presentation structure

Structure and organization of a convincing presentation.

Visual aids

Effective use of visual aids such as slides and videos.

Body language and voice

Training in body language, facial expressions and use of voice.

Interactive elements

Integration of interactive elements such as questions and discussions.

Feedback and reflection

Exercises with subsequent feedback for continuous improvement.

Dealing with difficult situations

Strategies for coping with disruptions and difficult questions.

Samples and simulations

Practical exercises and simulations of presentation situations.

Technical aspects

Dealing with presentation technology and media.

These learning objectives will give you a solid foundation of presentation skills that you can use successfully in professional and personal situations. The training enables you to develop your individual strengths and establish yourself as a convincing speaker.

Your benefits of presentation coaching at Stage Academy

Increased self-confidence

More self-confidence in public appearances.

Improved persuasiveness

Ability to make a lasting impression and convince the audience.

Confident appearance

Calm and confident demeanor even in unexpected situations.

Clearer communication

Clear and concise communication of complex content.

Positive feedback and lasting impression

Positive feedback from the audience and colleagues on the presentations and a lasting impression with good memories.

Stress management

Better handling of stress and stage fright.

Sustainable improvements

Long-term improvement of one's own presentation skills through continuous application of the techniques learned.

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises

We offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Close personal collaboration with your coach

Professional coaches with many years of experience and sound training. You decide on the coach of your choice

Flexibility and adaptation to your needs and goals

Presentation training from Stage Academy -

Our goal is your success!

The entire Stage Academy team follows the same approach in order to guarantee you training at the highest level. We value individual cooperation and work with you to find the right coach for your requirements and the right coaching topic. With our wealth of experience in remote coaching, we train you in a pleasant atmosphere and a protected environment.

It is important to us to give you an all-round view and a change of perspective and to look at the coaching topic from different angles. Thanks to our solution-oriented approach, our constructive feedback and our personal support, we provide you with the tools you need for your perfect (digital) presentation or online moderation.

‍Beinspired by our positive mindset! We look forward to meeting you.

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    Frequently asked questions about presentation coaching (FAQ)

    What is presentation coaching?

    Presentation coaching teaches you how to present yourself confidently in front of an audience and how to deliver your presentation. A business coach will teach you how to convey your presence, reach people emotionally and deal with nervousness. 

    Why presentation coaching?

    If you often stand in front of an audience and suffer from stage fright and insecurity, presentation training will help you to recognize your strengths, assess yourself correctly and overcome your fears.

    What makes a good presentation?

    A good seminar presentation depends very much on your preparation. It is important to identify your weaknesses and strengths and optimize them for an optimal presentation.

    What presentation techniques are there?

    There are two main aspects to presentation techniques: Technology and rhetoric. This is about how a presentation is technically implemented and then presented to the audience. A number of aspects should be taken into account during the presentation and speech. Our business coach will show you these and help you to optimize your performance in front of the audience.