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Conflicts are part of everyday working life and are therefore unavoidable. But conflicts are not always a bad thing. Sometimes they can be the foundation for positive change and help to achieve progress. It is important to understand that the challenge of conflict management lies not in the problem itself, but in the methods of the people involved.

In our comprehensive conflict management coaching at the Stage Academy, we go beyond simply teaching conflict resolution techniques.

Our coaching approach is based on recognizing conflicts at an early stage and tackling them as they arise. You will learn to understand the origins of conflicts, reduce tensions and develop constructive solutions. We help you to promote open communication, clarify misunderstandings and create a positive working environment in which conflicts can be resolved constructively.

Since all conflicts have an individual dynamic and current conflicts in the professional environment require special attention, you also have the opportunity to include your current conflicts in the coaching and work on them in a targeted manner.

Book our conflict management coaching today and learn how to tackle conflicts constructively and turn them into positive change. Take the opportunity to strengthen your conflict management skills and make a valuable contribution to your company's success.

Our aim is to recognize the positive aspects of conflict and use them confidently in a constructive development process. We want to enable you to see conflict as an opportunity for further development and to generate added value for yourself and the company. Through coaching, you will develop the skills to successfully manage conflict situations, improve team dynamics and communicate effectively.

Our experienced coaching team will accompany you on this journey, offer you individual support and give you valuable feedback. You will receive practical tools and techniques that you can apply directly in your everyday professional life. We create a safe space in which you can talk openly about your current conflicts and help you to develop effective solution strategies that are effective in the long term.

For whom is our conflict management coaching suitable?

In our conflict management coaching, we provide you with assistance, tips and best practices for overcoming the following potential challenges:

Early conflict detection

We show you how to recognize conflict signals at an early stage and identify potential conflict situations in advance. This enables you to act proactively and address conflicts in good time.

Conflict de-escalation

We teach you techniques and strategies for de-escalating conflicts. You will learn how to reduce tensions and create a calm, constructive atmosphere to avoid escalation.

Communication techniques

We provide you with practical tools and communication techniques to deal effectively with conflict situations. You will learn to communicate your points of view clearly, listen actively and respond respectfully to other opinions.

Conflict resolution strategies

We will introduce you to various conflict resolution strategies that you can use depending on the situation. You will gain insights into finding compromises, win-win solutions and other proven approaches to resolving conflicts constructively.

Emotion management

We support you in recognizing and controlling your own emotions in conflict situations. You will learn to keep a clear head and avoid emotion-driven reactions in order to act rationally and in a solution-oriented manner.

Team conflicts

We deal with specific challenges in team conflicts and show you how you as a team leader or team member can effectively contribute to conflict resolution. You will receive recommendations on how to promote a positive team culture and improve collaboration.

Dealing with difficult personalities

We give you tips and strategies on how to deal with difficult personalities and how to approach conflicts with them constructively. You will learn how to act professionally and in a solution-oriented manner, even in challenging situations.

Our conflict management coaching enables you, among other things, to tackle these challenges and develop the necessary skills to manage conflict successfully. Through individual support, practical exercises and case studies, you will be able to resolve conflicts constructively and contribute to a harmonious and productive working environment.

Our conflict management coaching at a glance

Target group

Our team development seminar is aimed at managers, teams, departments, people just starting out in their careers and people in new functions who have the goal of developing and sharpening their conflict resolution skills.


339.15 incl. VAT


MS Teams / 90 minutes

1. inventory analysis

The first thing we do is listen to you! You tell your business coach what topic you would like the business coaching to cover.

2. target definition

Together with your coach, you determine what result you want to achieve in the 90 minutes.

3. input and exchange

In the next part, you will discuss the respective topic with your coach. He or she will listen to you actively and empathetically, give you feedback and, depending on the topic, lots of practical tips.

4. target agreement and instructions for action

Finally, you and your business coach plan the next steps you will take to get closer to your goal (longer-term topic). If you are dealing with a short-term challenge, you and your coach agree on a common goal.

Methods of our coaching

Our conflict management coaching is a 90-minute 1-on-1 coaching session that takes place digitally via MS Teams. This means you can take part at any time and from any location - from home, during your lunch break or in the evening when things are quiet. With us, you can expect a proven combination of theoretical input, helpful tips and practical application.
Our coaches all have in-depth training and many years of experience to provide you with efficient and reliable support.

What you learn in our conflict management coaching

The Stage Academy's conflict management coaching covers a variety of learning content to improve your conflict management skills. Here are some possible learning contents that can be covered in the coaching:

Types and causes of conflict

You will learn about different types of conflict and understand the underlying causes. This will help you to better analyze conflict situations and react appropriately.

Conflict management styles

You will learn about the different conflict management styles and their advantages and disadvantages. This will enable you to choose the most suitable approach depending on the situation.

Communication skills

You will learn effective communication techniques to get your message across clearly and respectfully. This includes active listening, clear expression and the use of non-verbal communication.

Emotion management

You develop skills for managing and controlling emotions in conflict situations. This includes the ability to remain calm, even when things get emotional, and to deal constructively with your own feelings.

Conflict resolution strategies

You will learn various strategies for conflict resolution, such as compromise, win-win solutions or mediation. These strategies will help you to resolve conflicts constructively and find a solution that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Team conflicts

You will gain insights into the dynamics of conflicts in teams and learn how you can contribute to conflict resolution as a team member or team leader. This includes promoting communication and cooperation within the team.

Negotiation skills

You will develop negotiation skills to successfully mediate in conflict situations and achieve win-win solutions. This includes recognizing common interests and finding solutions that are beneficial for all parties.

Conflict prevention

You will learn to recognize conflicts at an early stage and take preventative measures to avoid escalation. This includes promoting a positive team culture, clear communication and creating a supportive working environment.

This learning content serves as a basic orientation and can be adapted according to the individual needs and goals of the participants. The Stage Academy's conflict management coaching aims to provide practical tools and strategies that can be integrated directly into everyday professional life in order to bring about long-term changes in the way conflicts are handled.

What speaks in favour of conflict management coaching at Stage Academy?

We give you five good reasons why you should book conflict management coaching with us:

Qualified coaches

At the Stage Academy, you will be supervised by qualified coaches who have extensive specialist knowledge and experience in the field of conflict management. They have already helped numerous people to improve their skills and develop more successful strategies for dealing with conflict.

Individual support

Coaching at the Stage Academy is tailored to your individual needs and goals. The coaches take the time to get to know you personally and understand your specific challenges. This enables them to develop customized solutions and strategies that are precisely tailored to you.

Flexible online format

The coaching is conducted online, which offers you maximum flexibility. You can participate from anywhere and integrate your coaching sessions into your personal schedule. This saves travel time and allows you to complete the coaching from the comfort of your own home or on the road.

Practical tools and techniques

Conflict management coaching at the Stage Academy offers you concrete tools and techniques that you can apply directly in your everyday life. You will learn practical strategies to successfully manage conflict, improve communication, apply effective conflict resolution strategies and promote a constructive working environment.

Your goal is our passion

Your success is what drives us, which is why we support you in developing your full potential. We take a close and personal approach with you to ensure that the coaching is tailored to your specific needs and challenges. We will listen carefully to you, encourage you to develop your strengths and support you in more effective conflict resolution and a more harmonious working environment. Together we will work on your success and unleash your full potential.

Book our conflict management coaching today and let's write your success story together.

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"The digital offer from Stage Academy creates completely new possibilities. We can now make appointments more or less spontaneously and, above all, without much effort and discuss very specific topics where the shoe really pinches us. Both individually and as a team. This has already proven successful for us several times and I can only recommend Arne and his team.