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Our time management & self-management coaching is all about learning the art of consciously using your time and setting your priorities accordingly, as well as developing effective self-management techniques to realize your full potential.

The challenges of time and self-management can be many and varied. A hectic work schedule, an abundance of tasks, procrastination, constant interruptions and distractions, and a lack of clear goals and priorities are just some of the obstacles we can face. These challenges can lead to stress, overwork and a feeling of being overwhelmed. But don't worry, our coaching offers tailored solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Our qualified coaches have extensive expertise and experience in time and self-management. Together we will work on making the best use of your time, setting clear priorities and learning effective techniques to organize yourself and be more productive.

Another advantage of our coaching is its flexibility. It can take place both in person and online, so you can decide for yourself which format suits your schedule best. Whether you prefer to participate in person or online from anywhere - we are here for you!

Stage Academy coaching offers a variety of resources, including practical exercises, useful tools and helpful tips to help you apply what you've learned to your everyday life. You will learn how to better organize your time, build productive habits and deal effectively with stress. Our coaches will accompany you on your journey and support you in achieving long-term changes in your time management and self-management.

If you are ready to master the challenges of time and self-management and successfully pursue your goals, then our coaching is just right for you. Sign up today and start your journey to effective time and self-management that will lead you to success - whether on our premises or online!

Who is our time management coaching suitable for?

If you are facing one or more of the following challenges, our time management coaching is just right for you.

Set priorities

Coaching will teach you to distinguish between important and less important tasks, to clearly define your priorities and organize your time accordingly. This will enable you to work more effectively.


Effective time planning is crucial in order to be productive. Coaching will teach you techniques and strategies to manage your time wisely and create a realistic schedule. This will help you to successfully achieve your goals.

Overcome procrastination

Putting off tasks can lead to stress and inefficient work. In coaching, you will learn to recognize procrastination and develop effective strategies to overcome it and thus increase your productivity.

Dealing with distractions

In today's world, distractions are omnipresent. Coaching helps you to minimize distractions and learn techniques to stay focused and improve your concentration.

Stress management

Stress can have a negative impact on time and self-management. In coaching, you will learn to recognize stress, deal with it and develop healthy coping strategies. This will enable you to increase your performance and maintain effective time and self-management.

Efficient target management

Setting and pursuing clear goals is crucial for effective time and self-management. In coaching, you will learn to define your goals, break them down into smaller steps and develop strategies to achieve them efficiently.


Good self-organization is crucial for keeping track of tasks and commitments. Coaching will help you to learn effective organizational methods and structure your everyday life better.


Work-life balance

Finding a balance between work and private life can be a real challenge. In coaching, you will learn to set priorities and develop strategies to achieve a healthy work-life balance and thus lead a fulfilling life.


The Stage Academy's time management coaching is designed to help you overcome these challenges. Through individual support, tailored strategies and valuable tools, you will be able to use your time more effectively, organize yourself better and successfully pursue your goals. Sign up today and start your journey to improved time and self-management. With our help, you can develop the skills you need to be more productive, more balanced and reach your full potential.

Our time management coaching at a glance

Target group

The Stage Academy's time and self-management coaching is aimed at a broad target group looking for support in optimizing their time and self-management. Potential coaching participants include:

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Entrepreneur
  • Managers
  • People with a heavy workload
  • Individuals who want to better organize their personal lives


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you and your team on request

Methods of our training

Time management & self-management coaching can take place digitally or on site. The duration of the coaching depends on your needs.

In our coaching you can expect a proven combination of various practical exercises. These exercises will help you to develop your time and self-management skills and put them into practice. You will also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in an informative exchange of experiences with our coaches and benefit from their experience.

Our coaches attach particular importance to sharing their expertise with you and look forward to an individual exchange to address your current needs and challenges.

What you learn in our time management coaching

Stage Academy's time and self-management coaching offers a wide range of learning content aimed at improving your time management and self-organization skills. The following is a list of some of the possible learning content that can be covered in coaching:

Time management basics

You will learn the basic principles of time management and how to use your time consciously and plan effectively.

Objectives and priorities

You learn to set clear goals and define priorities in order to focus your time and energy on the most important tasks.

Time planning and organization

You will learn various techniques and methods for effective time planning and organization in order to structure your day optimally and complete your tasks efficiently.

Overcome procrastination

You will learn strategies and techniques to recognize and overcome procrastination in order to increase your productivity.

Creating an efficient working environment

You will learn how you can optimize your working environment to work more productively and reduce distractions.

Dealing with distractions

You will receive tips and methods to minimize distractions and focus better in order to use your time effectively.

Stress Management

You will learn stress management techniques to deal with pressure and stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Effective communication and delegation

You will learn how to improve your communication skills and delegate tasks effectively to make better use of your time and promote efficient teamwork.

Self-reflection and self-development

You will be encouraged to reflect on yourself and recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to time and self-management in order to continuously work on yourself.

Build long-term habits

You will learn to develop sustainable habits to improve your time and self-management in the long term and lead an effective and balanced life.

Stress resilience

You receive impulses to build up your resilience to stress in the long term

The Stage Academy's time and self-management coaching is designed to help you overcome these challenges. With the help of individual coaching, tailored strategies and valuable tools, you will be able to use your time more effectively, organize yourself better and successfully pursue your goals. Take the opportunity and sign up today to start your journey to improved time and self-management. We look forward to guiding you on this journey and unlocking your full potential.

Why time management coaching at Stage Academy?

Are you wondering why you should opt for time management coaching from our team? Then we can give you at least 5 plus points that you will benefit from with us:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Very personal cooperation

Flexibility and adaptation to your wishes

Our trainers impress with their many years of experience and sound training

Valuable tips that will benefit you for a lifetime

Our ultimate goal is your success

At Stage Academy, we are passionate about our work and fully committed to your success. Our Self-Management & Time Management coaching program aims to develop you efficiently and authentically so that you can achieve your goals in the long term.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can provide you with the right mindset and support you in a safe and pleasant environment. We take a holistic view of your individual topic and enable you to change perspectives in order to act in a solution-oriented manner. Our experienced team is at your side and will accompany you on your path to success.

We understand your challenges and offer you customized support to help you master them successfully.

Put your trust in our expertise and experience a transformative journey where you can realize your skills and your full potential. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey and supporting you in achieving your goals.

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