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Develop yourself into a successful leader

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Executive Coaching Online Stage Academy

As a manager, you are an important role model for your employees and your leadership style has a significant influence on the authenticity, trust and individual best performance of your team. Our coaching for managers at various management levels, such as team leader, department head or board member, provides you with the skills you need to achieve sustainable success for your team.
With our personal leadership coach, you will receive support in reflecting on your leadership style, identifying weaknesses, strengthening your resilience and developing long-term agility. The aim of the coaching is to further develop your leadership personality in order to become a better leader who is always empathetic, self-reflective and resilient towards their team.

Develop your leadership potential and lead successfully

Our online coaching for managers offers you a flexible and effective solution. You can take part in coaching sessions conveniently from anywhere, without having to travel or waste time. By using digital means of communication, online coaching enables regular and personal exchanges with your coach, regardless of geographical distance.
The advantages of online coaching are obvious: you receive high-quality coaching from the comfort of your home or office, the confidential atmosphere is maintained and you can concentrate fully on your personal development. Online coaching also allows for flexible scheduling that can be easily integrated into your daily work routine.
Take advantage of online leadership coaching to develop yourself effectively and realize your full leadership potential. Become an inspiring leader who motivates and encourages their team and spurs them on to top performance. Our online coaching accompanies you on this path and supports you in continuously improving your leadership skills and leading successfully.

Who is our executive coaching suitable for?

Our leadership coaching offers you assistance, tips and best practices for overcoming the following leadership challenges:

Develop a leadership style

You will learn to identify and develop your own leadership style in order to become an authentic and inspiring leader.

Increase motivation

You will learn how you can optimally motivate your employees and spur them on to top performance by recognizing and promoting their individual needs and potential.

Resolving conflicts successfully

You will learn strategies and techniques for constructively resolving conflicts within your team or with other managers and creating a harmonious working atmosphere.

Effective communication

You will improve your communication skills in order to communicate clearly, comprehensibly and empathetically with employees, colleagues and other stakeholders and avoid misunderstandings.

Managing change

You will learn how to successfully manage change processes and lead your team through phases of change in order to promote a positive attitude towards change and overcome resistance.

Time and self management

You will receive tools and techniques to organize your time efficiently, set priorities and improve your own work-life balance.

Decision making

You will further develop your decision-making skills in order to make well-founded and targeted decisions, even under time pressure and uncertainty.

Self-reflection and personal development

You will learn to understand yourself better, utilize your strengths, identify weaknesses and work on them in order to continuously grow and develop as a leader.

Our coaching is individually tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Regardless of your level of experience or industry, we offer customized solutions to strengthen your leadership skills, increase your effectiveness as a leader and achieve long-term success.

Whether you work in a company, an organization or as an independent manager - our coaching enables you to work on your personal challenges, gain new perspectives and further develop your leadership skills. Invest in your professional development and become an inspiring and successful leader.

Our executive coaching at a glance

Target group

Our executive coaching is aimed at a diverse target group of managers and prospective managers who want to develop their leadership potential and improve their leadership skills. This includes

  • New managers
  • Experienced managers
  • Junior managers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Team Leader & Project Manager
  • Head of department
  • Division Manager


339,15 € incl. VAT


MS Teams / 90 minutes

How does executive coaching at Stage Academy work?

1. inventory analysis

First of all, we clarify important questions about your coaching. Where do you stand or where do you stand? What is the goal and what should we focus on in executive coaching?

2. target definition

What do you expect from your mindfulness coaching? You will discuss with your personal coach which specific goal you would like to work on.

3. input & exchange

This is followed by an opportunity for an open exchange. Your coach will provide you with valuable feedback and will also give you regular feedback during the training.

4. target agreements & instructions for action

So that you can effectively put the knowledge gained from the mindfulness training coaching offer into practice, you plan the next steps together with your coach to get closer to your goal. If you have already achieved your goal, you can immediately set a new goal and further develop your leadership skills.

Methods of our coaching

We offer you 1-on-1 coaching, which we conduct digitally via Teams. The session lasts 90 minutes and can take place at any time and regardless of your location - whether you are at home, in the office or on the road.

In our executive coaching, you can expect a proven combination of theoretical input, helpful tips and practical application. Our executive coaches all have well-founded qualifications and place particular value on an individual exchange with you. This enables them to offer you an efficient management seminar that is individually tailored to your current needs.

Coaching managers: what you learn

Our professional coaching is specially tailored to the needs of people in management positions and offers you the following learning content, among others:

Self-reflection and self-leadership: developing a strong sense of self-awareness, recognizing and understanding one's own strengths, weaknesses and values, and the ability to lead oneself effectively.

Communication and interpersonal skills: Improving communication skills, including active listening, communicating clearly and effectively, and building positive relationships with employees and colleagues.

Motivation and development: Understanding the different motivational factors of employees, the ability to recognize and meet individual needs and the development of employees through coaching and feedback.

Conflict management: The ability to recognize, address and constructively resolve conflicts in order to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Change management: Understanding the challenges of change management and the ability to communicate change effectively, support employees and successfully implement change processes.

Strategic thinking and decision making: The development of skills in strategic planning, analyzing information, prioritizing tasks, and effective decision making.

Team leadership and collaboration: The ability to motivate, inspire and lead a team, develop effective team processes and promote collaboration and coordination between team members.

Personal resilience and stress management: strengthening personal resilience, developing stress management strategies and promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Your competence and your personality are the key to success! The main aim of our management seminar is therefore to prepare you for the increasing demands placed on people in management positions.

In collaboration with your leadership coach, you will get the best out of your leadership personality and increase the added value that you as a person bring to your entire team. You will learn important methods, approaches and techniques that will allow you to act efficiently and effectively as a leader. You will also gain the tools to not only provide your employees with expert support, but also to be a trusted partner - in every conceivable situation.

5 good reasons for executive coaching at Stage Academy

Are you wondering why you should choose an executive coach from our team? Then we can give you at least 5 advantages that you will benefit from with us:

Maximum flexibility through location-independent online sessions

Close personal collaboration with your coach

Flexibility and adaptation to your needs and goals

Professional coaches with many years of experience and sound training

Tips and best practices that will benefit you for a lifetime


You decide on the coach of your choice

Our passion is your success

At Stage Academy, we love our work and are passionate about supporting your success. That's why we want to provide you with executive coaching that will make you an effective and authentic leader and help you achieve your goals sustainably.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of digital coaching, we are able to provide you with the right mindset and coach you in a safe and pleasant environment. We attach great importance to you looking at your individual topic from different perspectives so that you can then act in a solution-oriented manner.

Use your resources now, perfect your leadership skills and become the manager you would like to be. We are at your side!

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Further Information

Frequently asked questions about coaching for managers (FAQ)

Why coaching for managers?

With management coaching, you strengthen your skills as a manager, learn about your weaknesses and strengths, receive information on different types and find out how to guide employees through crises. 

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

The demands on managers are very high. That is why it is important to acquire skills and get the best out of your own personality. You will learn about different management methods, agile working and many other important points that will help you succeed as a manager. You will also be equipped with the right tools to be an expert support and trusted partner for your employees. 

What does good coaching cost?

Our individual executive coaching, tailored to you and your personal situation, costs €285 net. The coaching lasts 90 minutes and you and your coach will discuss your questions and concerns relating to your management position. You will also learn how to inspire your employees, promote the development of your team and establish a constructive feedback culture.

How does executive coaching work?

Our executive coaching takes place via Zoom. In the first step, we clarify important questions - where are you right now? What is your goal? What do you want to focus on? In the second part, you will receive theoretical input from your personal coach. He will provide you with tips and methods. In the third part, you can expect a personal exchange. Depending on the topic, you can apply what you have learned directly in the third part.