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Burnout prevention Stage Academy Coaching

Business people are particularly susceptible to burnout as they are often exposed to high professional demands, everyday responsibilities and constant pressure. Constant availability, high pressure to perform and increasingly complex working environments are factors that increase the risk of burnout.
According to statistics, around 10-15% of the working population in Germany is affected by burnout. This figure illustrates the importance of burnout prevention in today's working world.
Burnout prevention is about reacting early to the first signs of excessive stress and exhaustion. It is about finding a healthy balance between work and private life, reducing stress and protecting your own physical and mental health.

Why burnout prevention coaching?

Our burnout prevention coaching offers professional support in avoiding burnout. The content of such coaching can be varied. Possible content includes:
Stress management techniques, work-life balance, self-reflection, communication and setting boundaries, relaxation techniques & mindfulness training.

Burnout prevention coaching offers an individualized and tailored approach to address the specific needs and challenges of each person. It supports you in promoting a healthy work environment, work-life balance and long-term mental and physical health.

If you want to recognize your stress limits and take preventive measures to avoid burnout, burnout prevention coaching can be a valuable support for you.

For whom is burnout prevention coaching useful?

Coaching to prevent burnout is useful for a broad target group; it is aimed at professionals, regardless of their position or industry, as well as people with a high level of responsibility and people in helping professions. Coaching can also be useful in challenging work environments. It is particularly important for those who are already showing signs of stress or exhaustion.

We recommend burnout prevention coaching to anyone who wants to better master the following challenges in everyday management in the future:

Prevent stress and overload

Know and avoid personal stress triggers

Mastering decision-making pressure better

Being able to hand over responsibility

Freeing yourself from perfectionism and self-expectations

Finding more time for relaxation in everyday life

Improve time management

Promoting emotional and physical health

Coaching offers support in coping with professional stress, strengthening resilience and restoring the balance between work and private life.

It helps to take early countermeasures and maintain mental and physical health. The coaching teaches effective methods for stress reduction and self-care in order to create a healthy working environment.

The aim is to recognize the first symptoms of unhealthy stress levels and to prevent burnout by making targeted changes. The coaching supports participants in successfully performing their management tasks and at the same time taking care of their own health.

Our burnout prevention coaching at a glance

Target group

Our burnout prevention coaching is aimed at people in various professional and personal situations who want to strengthen their mental and emotional health and prevent burnout. It is particularly suitable for the following target groups:

  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Self-employed and entrepreneurs
  • People in stressful situations
  • People in helping professions
  • People who are already showing signs of stress or exhaustion


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you on request

Methods of our coaching

Our burnout prevention coaching offers you a combination of professional background knowledge, practical tips and opportunities to actively implement the strategies. Our coaches have many years of experience and will work with you to develop a solution that you can implement immediately in your everyday life.

These topics can support you in your burnout prevention coaching

Stress management techniques

Learn effective strategies for stress management and stress reduction to help you cope better with everyday working life.


How to learn resilience in stressful situations


Recognize your own needs, limits and strengths to ensure a realistic workload and practice self-care.

Work-life balance

Develop strategies to create a healthy balance between work and private life to prevent overwork and exhaustion

Communication and setting boundaries

Improve your communication skills to clearly communicate needs and boundaries and create a healthy work environment.


By prioritizing, you harmonize different areas of responsibility

Time management

Learn optimal task organization and the delegation of responsibility

Relaxation techniques

Your coach will show you relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, mindfulness practices

Mindfulness training

Train your mindfulness in everyday life to be more aware of the moment, recognize stressors early on and react appropriately.

This content can be adapted according to the specific requirements and objectives of the coaching.

In our burnout prevention coaching, you will find an individual and supportive framework in which you can tackle your specific challenges and initiate sustainable changes for a healthier work-life balance. Your personal coach will help you to create a healthy working environment for you and your team, set realistic goals and use special techniques to help you recover quickly after a long working day.

Your team will also benefit from the fact that you can better support and lead them in challenging times.

Free advice on your individual topics

Why burnout prevention at Stage Academy?

There are at least five good answers to this question:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Intensive individual work with your personal coach

We are flexible and take your individual wishes into account

Trainers and coaches with many years of experience and in-depth training will support you with extensive expert knowledge

Priceless tips that will help you progress in your life

Your success is our mission!

All Stage Academy coaches have the same vision: they want to help you achieve your goals, develop your strengths and successfully master challenges.

However, you can only perform your management tasks reliably if you are healthy and enjoy sufficient periods of rest. This is possible - even with long to-do lists on your desk. Our coaches will enter into an intensive exchange with you, identify your pain points and work with you to develop sustainable strategies to prevent burnout.

Our approach is always solution-oriented. We give you constructive feedback and provide you with all the important tools and skills you need to avoid unhealthy stress and overload.

Be inspired by our coaching on burnout prevention and enjoy a stress-free everyday life from now on.

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