Female Leadership Coaching

Successful women in management positions

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Female Leadership

In this female leadership coaching, you will learn how to build and expand your female leadership position. The focus is on developing an authentic leadership personality and your own leadership style.

Women have paved their way into management positions in recent years. It has been proven that teams perform better when there is a balanced gender diversity and women also occupy management positions in companies. In practice, however, female managers often still face challenges in terms of recognition and self-efficacy.

Coaching can help you to recognize your strengths, improve your communication skills, build a positive network and achieve your career goals.

Through personal coaching, you can develop your leadership skills, build confidence and develop a clear vision for your professional development as a female leader. The coach will support you in overcoming obstacles, finding your voice and developing your full potential as a female leader.

Together with your coach, you can work out individual solutions and develop strategies to achieve your goals and bring about lasting change.

You discuss all these topics with your coach in a protected environment.

Who is our Female Leadership Coaching suitable for?

We recommend Female Leadership Coaching to all women who want to better master the following leadership challenges in the future:

Finding your own management style

Acting confidently in a male-dominated environment

Correct behavior in the event of conflicts in the team

Finding a balance between family and career

Building resilience for turbulent times

Rising above traditional role models

Finding the right self-assessment

The optimal use of facial expressions and gestures

With our female leadership coaching, you will learn how to act confidently in a male-dominated environment and develop your own leadership personality. Our coaches will work with you on your individual issues - regardless of whether you are taking on a leadership role for the first time or want to further develop your leadership qualities.  

Our female leadership coaching at a glance

Target group

Our coaching is aimed at all female managers who want to assert themselves successfully in their job with a confident appearance.


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you on request

Methods of our coaching

In our female leadership coaching, you benefit from a proven mix of theoretical knowledge, practical tips and active implementation of the recommendations. Our qualified coaches take plenty of time for an intensive exchange and work with you on your personal issues.

What you will learn in our Female Leadership Coaching

Our professional coaching is individually tailored to your questions and requirements in day-to-day management and offers you the following learning content, among other things:

Self-reflection & self-perception - how do you affect others?

Leadership style - develop your personal leadership personality

Stress management techniques - learn various methods from your coach to restore your inner balance

Communication - work on your communication skills

Career goals - develop your personal career plan and discover ways to realize it

Networking - how to build up a professional network

Time management - learn optimal self-management to reduce stress in everyday life

Emotions - managing them correctly and resolving inner conflicts

The intensive work with our coach takes place in a protected environment. Your personal coach will give you honest feedback, for example on your impact and demeanor.

This valuable feedback helps you to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. The content of the coaching is individually tailored to your needs, wishes and goals.

Free advice on your individual topics

What are the benefits of Female Leadership Coaching at Stage Academy?

There are at least five good answers to this question:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Close collaboration between you and your coach

We are flexible and take your individual wishes into account

Trainers and coaches with many years of experience and in-depth training will support you with their extensive expert knowledge.

Practical coaching with advice that can be implemented immediately

For more female power in management

We at the Stage Academy are convinced that leadership is neither male nor female, but depends solely on personal strengths and talents. This is exactly what we want to work on with you. In a protected environment, you will receive valuable tips and advice from our coaches on how you can convince others with your confident manner. Through the intensive exchange with your coach, you can adopt different perspectives and gradually come closer to your personal goals.

You decide whether you would like to take advantage of the coaching offer on female leadership digitally, regardless of location, or come to Munich to meet your coach in person.  

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    How can coaching for female leadership help you to build a positive network, develop mentoring relationships and find support for your professional development?

    Female leadership coaching can help you build a strong and positive network by giving you the right strategies and techniques to make contacts and build relationships. It supports you in developing mentoring relationships by helping you to identify suitable mentors and take the necessary steps to gain their support. Furthermore, coaching provides you with resources and tools to seek and utilize targeted support for your professional development, be it through training, networking events or other opportunities.

    What strategies and techniques can you learn in coaching for female leadership to strengthen your self-confidence, communication skills and decision-making?

    In Female Leadership Coaching you can learn a variety of strategies and techniques to strengthen your confidence, communication skills and decision-making. These include techniques to increase self-confidence and self-awareness, effective communication strategies and techniques to help you get your message across clearly and persuasively, and methods to improve your decision-making skills, including analyzing information and evaluating options. The coaching also helps you to recognize and leverage your personal strengths and skills to be successful in leadership positions.

    What special skills and strengths can you contribute in the area of leadership, and how can these be promoted in coaching for female leadership?

    In coaching for female leadership, you can further develop your special skills and strengths in the area of leadership and apply them in a targeted manner. These include empathetic and sensitive communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, conflict resolution skills and a holistic mindset. The coaching helps you to further strengthen these skills and use them effectively in various leadership situations. Through targeted exercises, feedback and reflection, you can fully exploit your leadership potential and make the most of your individual strengths as a female manager.

    What specific challenges and obstacles can you face in your leadership positions and how can coaching help you to overcome them?

    As a female manager, you may encounter specific challenges and obstacles in your position, such as prejudice, gender stereotypes or a lack of visibility. In coaching for female leadership, you will be supported in recognizing these challenges, developing strategies and overcoming them. You will learn how to present yourself confidently, communicate your skills, build networks and deal with resistance. The coaching strengthens your self-confidence, promotes your resilience and provides a space for reflection and support to help you overcome these obstacles.