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Stage Academy's presentation coaching is an essential investment for anyone who wants to take their presentation skills to the next level. In today's business world, convincing presentations are a key success factor. Whether it's presenting a product to customers, communicating an idea to a team or speaking in front of a large audience, a successful presentation can make all the difference.

The coaching offers a holistic approach that teaches participants practical techniques and strategies for appearing confidently and confidently in front of an audience. The focus is on a clear and convincing structure for the presentation. Participants learn how to formulate their messages in a precise and understandable way while capturing the audience's attention.

Another important aspect of coaching is body language and voice. Through the targeted use of posture, gestures and facial expressions, participants gain more presence and expressiveness. The voice is used consciously to convey messages even more effectively.

The coaching promotes the individual personality of the participants and encourages them to be authentic. This creates a deeper connection with the audience and the presentation becomes lively and appealing.

In addition to practical skills, the coaching also places great emphasis on dealing with nervousness and stage fright. Participants learn proven techniques for dealing with stressful situations and getting their nerves under control.

Through practical exercises and live presentations in front of the group, participants receive valuable feedback and can implement their progress directly. As a result, they gain self-confidence and security in their abilities. Stage Academy's presentation coaching is an indispensable building block for successful professional development. It provides the necessary skills to perform convincingly in any presentation situation and achieve the desired results. With these well-founded tools, participants are ideally equipped to master new challenges in their career with confidence and successfully achieve their goals.

For whom is presentation coaching useful?

Presenting, whether in front of customers, in a team or in front of a large audience, poses a number of challenges that need to be overcome. If you are facing one or more of the following challenges, our presentation coaching is just right for you.

Stage fright

One of the most common challenges is stage fright, which can primarily occur in front of larger groups. The fear of speaking in front of many people can lead to nervousness and insecurity.

Conveying a clear message

It is a challenge to formulate the message precisely and comprehensibly so that it is well received by the audience and achieves the desired effect.

Hold the audience's attention

Especially in front of large groups or during long presentations, it is challenging to keep the audience's attention and arouse their interest.

Dealing with unforeseen situations

During a presentation, unexpected questions or disruptions can arise that need to be dealt with without losing the thread.

Body language and expression

The conscious control of body language, gestures and facial expressions in order to achieve a convincing and professional effect can be perceived as a challenge.

Time management

Keeping to the given time is a challenge in order not to make the presentation too lengthy or to rush through important content.

Target group orientation

Depending on the target group, the presentation must be adapted to the needs and prior knowledge of the audience, which requires an individual approach.

Dealing with criticism and feedback

After a presentation, it can be challenging to accept and learn from constructive criticism and feedback from customers, team members or the audience.

These challenges can be successfully overcome with targeted coaching and practice. By developing your presentation skills, self-confidence and a clear structure, you can give confident presentations and convince your audience. A well-prepared and convincing appearance will help to ensure that your presentations are successful and effective.

Our presentation coaching at a glance

Target group

Our presentation coaching is aimed at anyone who wants to speak in front of an audience or is about to give a virtual, digital or physical presentation.

  • Managers
  • Career starters
  • Moderators
  • Pupils
  • Students


339,15 € incl. VAT


MS Teams / 90 minutes

1. inventory analysis & development of self-knowledge

First, we analyze your status quo and your goals.

‍Where do you currently stand, what are your wishes and what would you like to be prepared for?

2. practical exercise I

In this exercise, you present your content to your trainer for the first time and receive immediate feedback.

3. input and exchange

Your presentation coach will give you practical and theoretical tips for your presentation. You will also receive general tips on how to speak successfully in front of an audience.

4. practical exerciseII

Taking your coach's tips into account, you present your content a second time. Your coach will also give you feedback here.

Methods of our coaching

Our presentation coaching is a 90-minute 1-on-1 coaching session that takes place digitally via MS Teams or Zoom. This means you can take part at any time and from any location - from home, during your lunch break or in the evening when things are quiet. With us, you can expect a proven combination of theoretical input, helpful tips and practical application.
Our coaches all have in-depth training and many years of experience to guide you efficiently and reliably on your way to becoming the perfect virtual presenter or professional speaker.

Presentation coaching - what you can learn

We want you to get the most out of your presentation and online moderation coaching and have the following learning content ready for you:

Self-confident appearance

You will learn how to perform confidently and confidently in front of an audience in order to get your message across convincingly.


Clear and structured presentations

The aim is to teach you to structure your presentations clearly so that your messages are precise and understandable.


Authentic charisma

We promote your individual personality and encourage you to be authentic in order to build a deeper connection with the audience.

Effective use of body language and voice

You will learn to use your body language, gestures and facial expressions in a targeted way to gain more presence and expressiveness. You will also learn how to use your voice consciously to convey your message effectively.

Dealing with stage fright and nervousness

An important goal is to teach you proven techniques to deal with stage fright and nervousness and to remain calm in stressful situations.

Target group-oriented presentation

You should learn to adapt your presentations to the needs and prior knowledge of the audience in order to achieve maximum impact.

Time management

The aim is to teach you how to plan your presentations effectively and make the best use of the time given.

Dealing with unforeseen situations

Participants should learn to react flexibly and confidently to unexpected questions or interruptions during a presentation.

5 good reasons for coaching at Stage Academy

Why should you book a presentation coaching session with us? This question is easy to answer! We offer you...

Maximum flexibility through location-independent online sessions

Close personal cooperation

Flexibility and consideration of your wishes

Coaches with many years of experience

Tips and best practices that will benefit you for a lifetime

You + we = your result

Our goal for your presentation coaching is to provide you with your personal "toolbox" with which you can optimally develop an authentic effect with all the facets you have gained in order to inspire, motivate and successfully represent yourself and your own company. You will develop your moderation skills with us by learning strategies for successful moderation and implementing them 1:1. Your presence and impact on stage will improve because, thanks to our rhetorical training, you will master the art of speaking and use your body language skillfully and successfully to strike a chord with your audience and convey your message in an impressive way. We also coach you on the optimal dramaturgy and the perfect content structure for your presentation.

Whether you are giving presentations to colleagues, meeting new customers or making decisive pitches - from now on you will be able to master every situation with confidence and aplomb. Our coaching not only helps you with on-site presentations, but also with your digital appearance.

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Alexander of Courts
Founder / Managing Director - HEED! Eventlogistics

"The digital offer from Stage Academy creates completely new possibilities. We can now make appointments more or less spontaneously and, above all, without much effort and discuss very specific topics where the shoe really pinches us. Both individually and as a team. This has already proven successful for us several times and I can only recommend Arne and his team.