Stress management coaching

Acquire successful stress competence

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Stress management coaching

Stress management coaching is about helping managers to manage their working day without negative stress and to find a healthy balance between work and private life. Many managers often feel overworked, have the feeling that they are not doing enough and live in constant tension.

Coaching is aimed at overcoming a lack of self-management and setting priorities in order to complete tasks effectively. It is also about delegating responsibility to employees and thereby reducing their workload.

In stress management coaching, you learn how to successfully manage your personal stress and restore your work-life balance. Your coach works closely with you to identify your current stress level and understand the causes of stress. Together you will develop tailor-made solutions to manage and avoid stress in your everyday life.

A particular focus is on leading yourself and developing self-leadership skills. Your coach will support you in learning effective stress management strategies, activating resources and strengthening your personal resilience. You will learn to prioritize, set boundaries and establish healthy habits in order to be stress-free and successful in the long term. Stress management coaching offers a safe space to talk openly about stress and challenges. Your coach will give you regular feedback and support you in achieving your goals.

Through coaching, you will learn to use stress as an opportunity for personal development and to lead a balanced and fulfilling professional and private life.

Who is our stress management coaching suitable for?

We recommend stress management coaching to anyone who wants to better master the following leadership challenges in the future:

Coping better with the high pressure of day-to-day management

Make even complex decisions with confidence

Learning effective time and self-management

Experience regeneration techniques

Take time off and enjoy it in a relaxed manner

Know and avoid personal stress intensifiers

Being a role model for employees and strengthening teams from within

Promoting emotional and physical health

Our stress management coaching is suitable for managers at various levels who are confronted with major responsibilities on a daily basis. The coaching provides you with valuable tools on how to work more effectively, use your own strength correctly and thus avoid physical and mental illness.

Our stress management coaching at a glance

Target group

Our coaching is aimed at all those who want to work more efficiently, live healthier and therefore be more successful in their management tasks by using stress avoidance techniques.


Individually according to scope of services


Digital or in presence
Individual design for you on request

Methods of our coaching

Our stress management coaching offers a proven mix of theoretical knowledge, practical tips and active implementation. Our qualified coaches attach great importance to personal interaction with you in order to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your personal issues.

What you learn in our stress management coaching

Our professional coaching is individually tailored to your questions and requirements in everyday business life and offers you the following learning content, among other things:

Stress detection

You will learn to recognize symptoms of stress at an early stage and understand how stress affects your physical and mental health.


Identify causes of stress

We support you in identifying the causes of your stress, be it of a professional or personal nature.


Stress management techniques

We teach effective techniques and strategies to deal with stress, such as relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices.


Time management

You will learn to organize your time better and set priorities to reduce stress in your day-to-day work.


Strengthen resilience

We support you in strengthening your resilience and dealing better with challenges and changes.


Long-term stress prevention

You will learn to develop long-term strategies for stress prevention so that you can deal better with stressful situations in the future.


Stress reduction through exercise and nutrition

We show the connection between physical activity, a healthy diet and stress reduction and encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy work-life balance

We will teach you the importance of a good work-life balance and give you practical tips on how you can implement this in your everyday life.

The intensive work with our coach will provide you with strategies and tools that will strengthen you in your leadership tasks and help you to manage stress effectively. The coaching supports you in lowering your individual stress levels. By dealing with stress, managers can improve their performance and productivity, make better decisions and increase their resilience in the face of challenges, conflicts and setbacks.

Your team will also benefit from the fact that you can better support and lead them in challenging times.

Free advice on your individual topics

What are the benefits of stress management coaching at Stage Academy?

There are at least five good answers to this question:

Online, on site in Munich or at your premises - we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Intensive individual work with your coach

Customization of the coaching to your wishes

Coaches with many years of experience and sound training will support you with extensive expert knowledge.

Best practices for your whole life

Strong together - against stress and pressure in day-to-day management

Sometimes you need an objective view from the outside to see solutions clearly. At the Stage Academy, we offer you coaching for your personal leadership issues from which you can learn in the long term. We attach great importance to individual cooperation and an intensive exchange with you and will find the right coach to address your personal concerns.
Would you like to benefit from our digital coaching offer? Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of digital coaching, we can teach you the right mindset in a safe environment and a pleasant atmosphere. This enables you to look at your topic from different angles and act in a solution-oriented manner. We offer you a comprehensive overview and enable an insightful change of perspective.

Together we would like to tackle the challenges of stress management in everyday management life and help you to find an optimal work-life balance again.

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