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Coaching tickets for your company

Coaching tickets from Stage Academy are a valuable tool for companies, offering a convenient and efficient way to give your employees access to short-term on-demand coaching sessions. With a purchased contingent of tickets, you have the flexibility to react to current requirements and topics and provide your employees with individual support.

Whether you want to tackle current issues, receive targeted support in specific areas, offer an accompanying coaching session for personal development, resolve acute conflicts, as a gift for a company anniversary or as a thank you for good cooperation - all this is possible with the coaching tickets, online and without great effort.

Many companies are already using this modern and attractive option, particularly to motivate and effectively develop their employees. Let us create a personalized offer for you and discover the opportunity to position yourself as an attractive employer brand by offering your employees attractive development opportunities.

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How it works


Let us know which topic we can support you with and get in touch with us

Demand analysis

We will discuss your requirements and needs in a personal consultation

Coose your Coach

Based on your topics, we will suggest 2-3 coaches/trainers/consultants who might be a good fit for you

Chemistry Call

Trust and sympathy are crucial for a successful collaboration. In a chemistry call, you get to know your potential coach/trainer/consultant personally


Together with your coach/trainer/consultant, you work out your goals and define the main topics


Based on the defined goals, we start with the analysis and empowerment phase. Using a mixture of proven methods and innovative approaches, we develop your individual concept


Your event can take place in person, digitally, hybrid or in the studio. The results are documented digitally


In the final meeting, we reflect together on the experiences and results and discuss possible next steps

Our team

When working with Stage Academy, you will be assigned a personal project manager from the needs analysis to the debriefing. He or she will manage, supervise and accompany your project with great commitment and will be available to you as a trusted contact person.

Our project managers take a lot of time to get to know you and your project. For us, this forms the important basis for successful collaboration. We attach great importance to a personal, intensive and committed partnership at eye level. We tailor the concept to your individual needs, requirements and goals. The result is a customized plan that is perfectly tailored to you, your team and your company.

Arne Stoermer, blue shirt, hands, wooden wall background, Stage Academy Owner

Arne Stoermer

  • People enabler

  • Big thinker

  • Business savvy
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Franziska Weiss, blonde hair, black trouser suit, background wooden wall

Franziska Weiss

Business Manager
  • Stage conductor

  • Implementation expert

  • Innovation driver
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Dennis Heyn, black clothes, arms crossed, background wooden wall

Dennis Heyn

Partner, trainer, moderator & speaker
  • Storytelling maestro

  • Camera king

  • Stage chameleon
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Julia Gerl, black jacket, wood background, project manager

Julia Gerl

  • Coaching Journey tour guide

  • All-rounder

  • Multitasking queen
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Mona Tautz Stage Academy, green blouse; wooden background

Mona Tautz

  • Power planner

  • Masterminder

  • Project pilot
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Charline Klimkeit, white blouse, black dress, wooden background, social media

Charline Klimkeit

Head of Social Media
  • Trend copywriter

  • Selfie supervisor

  • Emoji expert
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Catherine Klimkeit, black dress, wooden background, digital marketing

Catherine Klimkeit

Digital Marketing
  • Digital marketing queen

  • Aesthetics officer

  • All-at-a-glance owner
+49 89 780 68 59-4
Elija Klimkeit, black cap, black shirt, wooden background

Elija Klimkeit

Studio technician
  • Technology wonder weapon

  • Serenity king

  • Studio master
+49 89 780 68 59-1
Keynote Speaker Stage Academy, hall, audience, listeners, red chairs, screen

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speakers offer inspiring, moving and dynamic presentations on a variety of topics that not only make you think, but also inspire you to act and rethink. What at first glance seems easy and light is, on closer inspection, a true art. Our speakers impress with their confident appearance, effortless interaction with the audience and emotional speaking skills.

Book our keynote speakers on the following topics, among others:

  • transformation processes
  • Change processes
  • Motivational events
  • Change & New Work
  • Error culture & decision
  • Leadership & Values
  • Communication & impact
  • Crisis & Conflict
  • Mindset & Motivation
  • Self-Management
  • Resilience & stress management
  • Team & Cooperation

Our trainers

We are a large pool of experienced and knowledgeable coaches, trainers and consultants with a very broad range of expertise and people skills. This enables us to always provide you with the ideal expert.

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Susanne Meyer
Deputy Head of Corporate Communications
Sonepar Deutschland GmbH

"Due to Arne's distinct knowledge of human nature and his years of experience, he was able to respond to the individual needs of each team member. With the help of varied training methods he has shown us new approaches. Thank you very much for the valuable input, which brings our team one step further!"

Simone Krammer
Account Manager - HEED! Eventlogistik GmbHt

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