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Welcome to our Moderators page, the place to meet the true masters of event management and communication. Our moderators are the key component to taking your events, discussions and online presence to the next level.

Stage Academy presenters are experts at getting your message across clearly and effectively, engaging your audience and creating an atmosphere that encourages genuine interaction and participation. They are the storytellers, the string-pullers who perfect the staging of your event.


Moderator Arne Stoermer

Arne Stoermer

Presenter Beatrice Maria Frensel

Beatrice Maria Frensel

silver, robot, microphone, man, blonde, beard, presenter dennis heyn

Dennis Heyn

Moderator Doro Gelmar

Dorothee Gelmar

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Our moderators are characterized by a unique combination of experience, expertise and charisma. They understand the intricacies of different types of events, be it a high-profile conference, a live webinar, a panel discussion or an interactive online forum. In addition, they are able to recognize the needs of your audience and devise an individual moderation strategy. This strategy will then lead to the success of your event.

They are not only professionals, but also passionate ambassadors for your event, creating unforgettable moments.

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    What does a workshop moderator do?

    Here, the moderator introduces the workshop topic and the specific objective, familiarizes the participants with the course of the meeting and jointly determines the type of collaboration. The aim is to create clarity for all participants. The facilitator's task is to help the group to develop its content in a focused, efficient and independent manner. He supports the participants in finding practical solutions. In doing so, he takes a back seat and remains neutral.

    Moderator or mediator?

    The difference between moderation and mediation is essentially the focus on the factual or relationship level. While the former focuses on the factual handling of the conflict, the latter also includes the emotional level and the relationship between the parties.

    When is moderation useful?

    External moderation always makes sense when topics are being dealt with that require the attention of all those present and no one from the group should take on the moderation in addition to their own interests.

    Why moderation?

    Moderation means "guiding a group". It is not the content that is determined by the moderator, but how the joint work takes place: moderation is about shaping the work process in such a way that it is effective, well-organized and results-oriented.